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Preview on the Bulker is now avalible^^

Also thank you to everyone that has played,I appreicate the feedback ive been given.


Hes lurking in the shadows ;)

Great atmosphere. The wonders you can do with sound. I can't wait to see where you take this!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Thanks for playing!

SKIP TO 17:59!!!

Hey there! Nice game, creepy though but it was the point haha! 

Have you considered participating in out GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our page for more infos :) 

it has a LOT of potential, you can make this game pretty scarry

 Appreciate it :)

Sugarcat here, I'll be your doctor today! You MIGHT even make it out of here alive!

Thanks for playing!

I played your game and had an excellent time! the beginning was especially good and creepy.

Thank you for sharing your art! 

Thanks for playing!!

This game is great and has amazing atmosphere i liked it keep it up , i hope you enjoy my gameplay

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Thanks a ton!Do you mind if you use your gameplay?

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of course you can it would be awesome thank you so much i really appreciate it